Sunday, June 27, 2010

A glimpse at our vision

JIGGITY JIG to all our friends!

Recently we had an amazing call from a friend of ours.  Our wonderful friend wanted to financially bless us with a portion of the funds that his ministry/business brings in once it is up and going.  We're not sure what that will look like, but it really brought us some serious joy to know that a friend would do that for us even before we even know what our ministry will be!  C'mon Father!  Our friend asked us to write out what our ministry will look like so that the people overseeing this other ministry will know what they are supporting.  We, of course, don't know the what we will be doing exactly, but all the same I sat down and wrote out what our heart is for the future.  What came out was really exciting!  Jessica read it and the first thing she said was, "Man, I want to be part of that ministry!"  And I agree!  I thought it would be fun to post it for our friends and family so you can see where our focus is for the coming years:

Our ministry will consist of equipping the saints for "greater works than these."  Training in our identities as Priests and Kings.  That we have the full mind of Christ and the fullness of the Holy Spirit living in us as well as Christ, the hope of glory!  Discipleship will be a major part of our ministry as we, ourselves learn, and teach others how to walk alongside and encourage new believers.  We teach how to build people into strong, unmovable (in His word, both logos and rhema), Christ-grounded, Spirit-led and filled sons and daughters. 

We will probably have a church, eventually, where we can come together as a family and be close and worship together.  Worship will be the main thing and everything will be second.  "Power evangelism" will be a focus as we learn to to evangelize like Jesus did.  Power evangelism is evangelism done with "signs, wonders, and miracles" (all of which are designed to point people to God, not distract people from Him).  Prophesy will be another major part of the equipping ministry because Paul thought it should be and it is such a amazing way to build and edify the church, and is also an incredible tool for evangelism. 

Above all, though, we will not forget the poor in spirit and in pocket book.  Our firm belief is that God can do more with a recovering addict that is passionate for the Man, King Jesus, than He can with a luke warm college student who only desires to fill a seat in church and live a "good" life, void of power and encounters with God's word and Holy Spirit. 

Everything we do will be based on a culture of "honor".  A culture of honor opens the door for disagreement among each other, but keeps us in unity because we honor and love and value each other.  When we have value for one another, we learn how to love without an agenda.  When people are honored, they are no longer targets for us to "practice" evangelism on, they are a son or a daughter of God and deserve our love and respect, no matter what they believe.  It is out of this place of freedom to disagree and "belong before they believe" that we will foster a place of TRUE LOVE, where people come to God because they are drawn by His grace and abundant love, not by our persuasive words or fear tactics.  Love conquers all.  Honor allows sons to be sons and fathers to be fathers.  It lays down performance mentalities and frees people to dream bigger without fear of being shut down because it's outside the box; and dreaming is important. 

In summary, we will have a ministry that seeks the presence of God, as we show others how to seek His presence also.

What is YOUR focus?  What are the dreams that God is putting in you?  What ideas do you have right now?  Focus and Vision!  Write down what you are seeing, even if you don't know if it's the right direction to least it's a direction!  I encourage you to pray into the direction you feel God is moving you in, sow into those ideas.  Share this with others close to you and ask them to continue to encourage you in these areas! 

Any area of your life, that does not have hope attached to it, is under the influence of a lie.   

Be filled with hope and blessings


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