Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brazil Trip - May 2009 (part 2 of 3)

 Part 2 of our Brazil trip in May 2009. 

Hello Friends! 
man, I have to tell you all, this has been one wild trip.  Tiring but wild!  I dont have time right now for all the stories, there are so many.  Oh and this keyboard is a Brazilian keyboard so things may look a little different.  oh my goodness, God is so good and so in to doing amazing things to and through His children.  Jessica and I have been well, God is keeping us full and when we are not, it is because He is teaching us something, usually about how to get and stay full, full of joy that is.  Our hearts are getting more knitted together than ever, and we are both seeing tremendous miracles down here.  Here are some of the testimonies that we have seen over the past couple of days.  I promise to give you more details and info when I have time and access to a friends laptop.

We went to a Brazilian hospital yesterday.  I was paired up with one other guy and a translater and a nurse that was showing us around. The nurse and the translator both knew Jesus.  Well, God so blew me away.  This part of the trip I will have to go into more detail later.  our group alone had eight people get healed.  One guy accepted Jesus after he got healed, we baptised him right there with a waterbottle.  One woman had so much pain in her stomach that she was calling out for the nurses to help her.  A nurse came and got us and told us to pray for her first while  they got the morphine drip.  We prayed and ALL THE PAIN LEFT she was so happy, her and her little daughter, when the 2 nurses came in to give her the morphine via her IV, she refused it saying that Jesus had healed her and didnt need it anymore.  SERIOUSLY!  The nurses didnt know what to think! (frankly neither did I, I was so blown away by this womans faith, she believed in Jesus too!)  All pain leaving was the norm when we prayed that day, so many miracles in the hospital. The nurse, who we had praying right along side us because she had Jesus in her heart too, said she had never seen Jesus heal someone before and just couldn´t believe her eyes, she was so happy and ended up coming to the church meeting we had later that night.  Jess also got to go into the pediatrics ward of the hospital and many of the kids that she prayed for felt heat or peace or some kind of physical manifestation of the presence of God.  They also prayed for some of the mothers also and had them all in tears over the love of Jesus.  so so good!  She was one of three people that got to go into the Emergency Room, and no immediate results except that they released the power of Jesus into the crowded halls.  There was a lot of peace and love in the ER when they left!!! 

Later that night we held the second of two meetings at a big church.  The first night many people had gotten healed but there were still a few seats available there.  Well, the second night, there weren´t any seats left and people had packed the aisles and there were people sitting OUTSIDE looking in through the doors and windows, I think about 1000+ people were there that night.  So many healings and moves of the Holy Spirit took place.  One woman I actually saw was getting so touched by the Holy Spirit that she was hissing and caughing (this was not a good thing).  Ten minutes later while she was getting prayed for she said she had a lump or tumor in her throat that was causing her to choke.  The guy praying for her heard God tell him, NO SHES DOESN´T! and as he repeated what God said, she actually caughed up the tumor or lump right there on stage where we had layed her while the rest of the church was worshipping.  I saw the woman afterwards and she eventually accepted Christ when we told her that if she didn´t accept Jesus into her life, the growth might come back, we don´t know.  My friend didn´t force her, just told her the truth that Jesus got rid of the tumor but that the witch-craft or whatever caused the tumor might come back.  she accepted Jesus and her whole countenace changed right there!  She was so joyful and hugged all her friends with a huge smile on her face.  INCREDIBLE.

well, I want to tell you all so much more, but don~t have the time.  we are getting ready to leave in a few minutes to our third church of the trip.  God will move powerfully again I know.  All we do is show up, tell them about the power of Jesus to heal, deliver and save.  We teach or show them how to move in the ministry of the Holy Spirit (love), and then the Holy Spirit shows up and changes hearts and minds, bringing joy and usually a lot of love and tears in all those that want to know God more.  ok I really have to go. I love you all and keep praying for protection and more closeness with our Father in heaven. He is so good and we are being blown away with how amazing and loving and powerful the name of Jesus is. 

Bless you all!

Jesse and Jessica


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