Thursday, December 23, 2010

Blindness bows to the name of Jesus!

Just a quick testimony:
Kris, Cassi and myself all went to the Emergency room in hopes of sharing God's love with whoever we meet.  I sat next to these two ladies, one was almost completely blind (100% blind in one eye, and some shadows in the other) and the other was her caretaker.  They both said they knew and loved Jesus.  We sat and talked, I mostly listened to them talk about their families and in part, their troubles.  The woman who was blind, was in the Emergency room waiting area and was trying to get a pain-relieving shot for her migraine headache that she had.  The woman's caretaker mentioned that she had bad neck-pain (for the past year) and shoulder pain.  I suggested Betty, the blind woman, pray for Patti, her caretaker.  After a couple short prayers Patti was completely healed from her neck and shoulder pain/injuries!! Whoa Yes Jesus!  THEN...I suggested to Patti that as Betty's caretaker, she should pray for the healing of her blindness.  She was a little hesitant having never seen God heal someone in person but agreed this was a good idea.  I told her to not use any fancy prayers (it's not the right words we use but our faith in Who is inside us) but to user her authority as a daughter of God and command the blindness to heal.  "Blindness go, vision come," was what she said.  After speaking this over Betty a couple times she began to see more light through her eyes than before so Patti continued!  Five minutes later, not changing her "prayer", Betty said she could now make out the outline of some larger letters on a magazine cover!!!!  I was beside myself, I kept asking her, "Are you sure you couldn't do this before?"  She kept telling us that there was no way she could do this before!  Our team had to leave, so I encouraged the ladies to continue to command the blindness to go as they were sitting there.  Oh, and I asked Betty about her migraine she had, she said sometime during our prayers all the pain left...she had forgotten she had it!  Praise Jesus for His powerful love! 

This was the first person I have ever seen who was healed of blindness in person...though not the last!  I think what I like the most is that I didn't have to pray for either of them at all.  I love empowering others and showing them how powerful they are when they realize that Jesus lives inside of them. 

As a side note, about two weeks ago a man, who was blind, was baptized at Bethel Church, where we are going to school.  Well...when he went into the baptism tank he was blind but when he came out of the tank..........HE BEGAN TO SEE!  By the end of the service his vision was near perfect!