Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello all! 

So we are finally ready to go to Guatemala.  First let Jess and Me personally thank each of you for prayers and your financial help with getting us to this day!  We could not have done it without you, and frankly we don't want to do it without you all surrounding us in love and support.  Thank you!!!

As most of you probably know by now, Jess and I will be going to Guatemala this Friday the 11th.  We are part of a group of 24 students traveling with Bethel Church through our school, The Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry.  We could have chosen any one of over 40 different trips around the world.  We chose this trip in particular partly because of the men leading the trip.  The leaders, Chris Gore and Chuck Perry, are two well known men of faith at our church and have a history of leading mission trips filled with powerful salvations and healings.  Our mission will be to bring the Kingdom of Heaven wherever we go. 

We will be going to 2 to 3 hospitals with the goal of seeing the buildings emptied out by the power of God's powerful healing love!  In the past they have seen whole hospital wards cleared out, we are believing to see the whole building saved, healed and delivered!  Our team will also be doing meetings at many of the local churches in different cities.  We were first invited to Guatemala by a few of the main church denominational leaders.  They saw what Chris Gore was teaching in Ecuador and wanted it in their churches.  Our primary goal will be to equip the local churches in miracles and the revelation of the power of the Holy Spirit to heal, save and deliver in their churches and CITIES!   We will be assisted by a local ministry school similar to our own.  These young adult students will be our translators and guides in the city.  Our aim is to also equip these local students with everything that we have been given.  We aren't going to these churches to "WoW" them, but to impart everything we have so they can accelerate past us (this is the heart of a father, to see his kids out-run him).  We will also have time to do ministry in the market-place in the cities.  I am looking forward to preaching on the streets with the local ministry students, showing them how easy it is to introduce people to the Healer, Jesus! 

We leave this Friday, the 11th and return the 21st.  If you are able, find a couple days you can pray for us while we are gone (or pray for us EVERY DAY we are gone!).  We know there is so much power in prayer and declarations. 

Jess and I are really believing we will see many many salvations and some phenomenal miracles. Specifically I want to see every blind and deaf person I pray for healed and I want to see arms and legs grow out, whole, just like God wants them! 

Things to be praying for:
-Unity in our marriage throughout the trip.  Unity of the team. 
-Lots and lots of JOY for our whole team!  Laughter everywhere we go!
-Thousands of SALVATIONS and hearts returning to Jesus!  Resurrection power for creative miracles (arms growing out, muscles and bones regenerated instantly‚Ķ)
-Peace and rest while we do ministry; that we would not be tired and worn out but that we would operate from heaven everyday.  Waking up refreshed daily! Good dreams.
-Complete protection on all fronts from anything not of God trying to ruin His plans.
-Favor of the King wherever we go: Traveling, in cities, on planes, in hotels…
**Anything else that you can think or that God shows you. 

Bless you all and thank you for being in our lives.