Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Past Brazil Trip - May 2009 (part 3 of 3)

Part 3 of our trip to Brazil in May 2009

Hey all, I'm sorry for the mass email, try not to reply to all in case there are those that don't appreciate it.  I am able to borrow a laptop and so now I can spend a little more time telling you all about the amazing things that our wonderful God is doing! 

Wow!  If you didn't believe God is real and heals today then I wish you could be here.  We just got back from a church meeting.  The place was packed with people that didn't even belong to that church.  Most of them were there to get healed.  We worshiped for awhile and prayed for the glory of God to come.  Bill, the leader of the trip, told a couple of testimonies of God healing backs and arms (he could have told any story), so he asked all the people that had injuries with those body parts to raise their hands.  about 40-50 people raised their hands. Without laying a hand on anyone, he prayed and asked for the glory of God to come, or the weighty presence of God to come.  We just sang to the Lord our own song, and a sweet presence was near.  It was really great and peaceful and full of God.  I can't explain how it feels, only that we have seen aspects of it in our homegroup I know, I recognize it from our little house meetings.  Well, after a few minutes of that, Bill told them that some of them are already healed from being in such a thick presence of God, and to check themselves out to see if they still have pain or injury.  At least 30-40 people, or about 80% of the people said they were healed at least 80%-100%!!! Tremendous as my friend David says.  After Bill dismissed the meeting he told anyone that still hadn't been healed to come forward for prayer.  Our team were the people praying for them.  We grabbed our translaters, though some of us didn't have one (God still healed people!), and started praying one by one for a crowd of about 60 people at least.  I personally prayed for a bunch of people and almost everyone with the exception of one, my translator, got healed!  One man's throat was constricted and was limiting his breathing and he also had some kind of skin disease or sores on his arms that the doctors couldn't identify.  I prayed for him and he said that his arms felt like they had fire going through them, I told him that was good!  I then prayed for his throat for about 2 minutes.  Afterwards he said that it had opened up completely, God completely healed him!  C'mon!!!!!  Jessica prayed for whole bunch of people and one lady who couldn't bend her finger because of an accident was able to bend it all the way after God healed her.  She prayed for a lot of backs that got healed.  This list goes on!  and on!  I have never seen so many people that we prayed for get healed so quickly.  My translator was about 80% blind from birth.  We prayed for her a few times and didn't see any change.  That was tough after she and I prayed for so many people that got healed so easily and quickly.  But she said she would come back tomorrow to help out and would get prayer again.  God heals, period.  We don't know why she didn't get healed but we are not going to stop delaring that the kingdom of heaven is near and is powerful to bring freedom from desease!!!!!! 

This afternoon I got to pray for another one of our translators.  He had fibermialgia (sp?) and lot's of pain in his shoulder and back, and all over.  As my buddy started praying for him, I heard God tell me, "If he drinks, he'll get healed".  Clarification right here, when God said "drink" He meant, if the guy would...well I guess I can't explain in after all, basically I taught the guy how to drink the "Living Water" from heaven by faith (in the spirit) and get filled with joy.  So, a little afraid of telling him that he would be healed so easily, I told him what God said and quickly taught him how to "drink" the living water (some people prefer to call it wine, whatever get's you "drunk").  God showed me that if he did "drink" that he would fall on the ground under the Spirit and receive joy.  I was pretty sure this was from God but there was still some dought in my mind.  So the guy drank and drank, then he started laughing real hard, he tipped back and fell (I was there to catch him, this "falling" happens often at these meetings where the Holy Spirit is allowed to have His way and heal people's hearts and bodies).  As he was on the floor God told me to ask him if he had ever prayed in tongues.  He hadn't but said he wanted to receive the gift.  He was sloshed in the spirit and barely coherent.  I told him how to receive the gift of tongues and right away it came flowing out of his mouth, he was just so full of the Holy Spirit that is was easy.  Well....after he got up, we asked him how the pain in his body was and he started checking himself out, he said ALL THE PAIN HAD LEFT!!   God totally healed him!!!  Did you hear that!!!!!  What?!! 
This is real, not a fake, I am a man of integrity and would not lie or make this up.  It may have looked weird to some, but the results speak for themselves.   There may be some people reading this email that have pain in their body, weather you believe in God or not, if you believe Jesus can heal you, or maybe you would LIKE to believe, place your hand where the pain is and God is going to heal it.  Put your hand there..........Jesus, would you heal your sons and daughters, we thank you for the healing your pouring out over the computer and into their homes or wherever they are.  Amen!  Right now start trying out the places on your body that hurt or do something you couldn't do before.  I believe I will receive emails from some of you that you got healed.  Email me what happened!!!  Some of you don't have pain but you know you need healing, you might have felt heat or tingling in places where God was healing you.  Get it checked out by a doctor or whatever you have to do to verify.  Let me know though, it would bless me to hear the testimonies of my friends and family getting blessed like that.  If you do get healed thank Jesus, not me.  I'm not the healer. 

Bless you guys.  Tomorrow we are doing the second night at this church, and also doing a afternoon "Crusade" in a poor area of town in the local plaza.  I expect and know that many people will be healed and saved and delivered.  Please partner with me in prayer!  Thank you all for encouraging me and Jessica in this trip.  She sends her love and hellos.   We love you all dearly.  We come back Friday, tomorrow is our last day. 

Jesse and Jessica


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