Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The next few steps

Hey family and friends!

Hello from rainy San Diego.  It is pouring out here and if you can believe it, Orange County just got issued a tornado warning!  No joke! We take our storms seriously out here!  I wanted to update everyone following us what our next year is starting to look like.  IT LOOKS STINKING AMAZING!  God is going to pour out such a great blessing on our family that it is going to look ridiculously excessive, but then again, I worship an excessive God!!!!!!

So many things are coming together in the beginning of this year.  First, and most exciting, Jessica just finished writing her book!  Lord willing, she will be getting the finished books in the mail in just a few short weeks.  Of course we will let everyone know when they are out!

Second, after being in the Navy for 9 years, I will be getting out on March 31st!  Crazy!  I'm sure you are all wondering what we will be doing now?!  Well for starters we will be moving out of our fancy La Jolla house.  For those of you that didn't know, we were blessed to move into a 1.2 Million Dollar house after we got married.  We pay less than some pay for a 1 bedroom apartment, no joke.  We moved in after the wedding, a year and a half ago, and though we almost had to move out after a year (we had a new place ready, and almost signed the lease), God stepped in and we got extended until the end of this March!  Praise my God who is extravagant!  Anyway, we are moving out and on April 6th we are going to Europe for a month vacation!  I have always wanted to go and so we are going now before we have kids (soon) and other responsibilities.  We will be going to London, Portugal (Madeira), Austria, Germany and maybe France, but everything is up for negotiation.  We already have a family that will let us stay in the bottom floor of their house (1.2 miles from Buckingham Palace) in London and a place to stay in Austria and Germany.

After a month of traveling, we are coming back to San Diego to hang out with friends and Jessica's family for a week or two or three.  Next we are planning on driving up to Redding, California where we will be attending a ministry school at a church called Bethel Church (www.ibethel.org).  We won't start until September so we are planning on getting jobs and seeing how we can join the community up there in the mean time.  We have a number of friends that are living up there already and look forward to making many more.

So what's this all mean?  Well, for those of you that didn't know, Jessica and I want to dive deeper into the idea of doing "ministry" work full time.  This doesn't mean that we will never have jobs or work again, but it does mean that we will probably spend more time doing ministry work than we will be looking to further a career in any other field.  The ministry school we will be attending for the next year is called Bethel's School of Supernatural Ministry.  It differs from a traditional seminary in that much of the school is built around not just getting knowledge, but really emphasizes practical application.  Huh?  Basically, we will learn about how God can heal the sick, then to prove the knowledge we just learned, we will go out and find some people that need to be healed and pray for them.  The school is called "Supernatural Ministry" for a reason and Jessica and I have a humongous desire to see God move in MIRACLES and other ways that are impossible unless He helps. 

Jessica and I have already seen a number of miracles and have even taught on the subject on a couple of occasions, but we are hungry to see more and build our knowledge and faith on what God might want to do in the coming years.  We eventually feel like we will plant a church ourselves and so we want to gain more wisdom and knowledge from others that have done it already in a way we might want to start.   

After the school year ends in May 2011 we think we will want to move back to Southern California and start a family and maybe start a church or join another church that is already going.

So that is the update.  There is much more I would love to share but this is already a long post and most of the people that started reading have already stopped.  Thanks for making it to the end!  We will continue to update as things change and evolve.  For now, we are focusing on our European trip and are excited as heck!  


At January 20, 2010 at 10:47 AM , Blogger Jessica Skinner said...

I will go to the ends of the earth with you honey!


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