Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get in the river!

So hello y'all out there in blog outer-space!  I hope and pray this finds you all well and filled with love.  If I'm not filled with love all day every day then I'm not living to the potential of the day and who I am created to be!

By now you've seen the photos on the page and realize that I AM A FLY FISHERMAN!   Yup, you got it, I have started fly fishing.  Okay so I have only gone three times but I really like it.  A wise man (Bill Johnson) once said that the key to living a victorious life in God is to "stay in the river."  Did you know that evil spirits are always looking for "dry places" to rest and live.  Check out Luke 11:24 talking about after a person gets clean of an afflicting or lying  or other evil spirit, "When an evil spirit comes out of a person, it goes through dry places looking for a place to rest." (KJV) Wild huh?  I think it was John Wesley's assistant that said the goal of the Christian life is to spend his/her life getting as filled up (drenched) with the Holy Spirit as possible! Often, in the bible, the Holy Spirit is depicted as a river, so I figured if I am hanging out in the river (pictured), I am doing pretty well for myself.

I got started fly fishing when my friend Shane, from Australia, told me he would teach me whenever I wanted to go.  I just happened to have a fly fishing rod and reel in the garage.  Now, I don't know where the rod came from, only that it appeared in my garage about 4 years ago and no one seems to claim it was theirs.  I even tried to sell it at various garage sales but no one would buy it.  Thanks God!

I borrowed my friend's waders and boots and was soon fishing in the river (pictured).  I have yet to catch a fish, but Shane usually catches at least one fish each trip so I know it's possible.  Fly fishing is harder than using a hook and worm like the last time I went fishing, but maybe that's why I like it so much.  Standing in a beautiful river like the Sacramento or  Trinity River is pure bliss.  There is such peace and tranquility that it overwhelms you and you find yourself with a big smile on your face.  The fall leaves changing color and morning fog climbing the hill in front of you as you listen to the water move around you is such an experience.  Papa God has been talking to me about me needing to find more adventure in my life.  I believe He led me to the river and smiles over me as I stand in the water, far away from dry places



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