Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Past Brazil Trip - May 2009 (part 3 of 3)

Part 3 of our trip to Brazil in May 2009

Hey all, I'm sorry for the mass email, try not to reply to all in case there are those that don't appreciate it.  I am able to borrow a laptop and so now I can spend a little more time telling you all about the amazing things that our wonderful God is doing! 

Wow!  If you didn't believe God is real and heals today then I wish you could be here.  We just got back from a church meeting.  The place was packed with people that didn't even belong to that church.  Most of them were there to get healed.  We worshiped for awhile and prayed for the glory of God to come.  Bill, the leader of the trip, told a couple of testimonies of God healing backs and arms (he could have told any story), so he asked all the people that had injuries with those body parts to raise their hands.  about 40-50 people raised their hands. Without laying a hand on anyone, he prayed and asked for the glory of God to come, or the weighty presence of God to come.  We just sang to the Lord our own song, and a sweet presence was near.  It was really great and peaceful and full of God.  I can't explain how it feels, only that we have seen aspects of it in our homegroup I know, I recognize it from our little house meetings.  Well, after a few minutes of that, Bill told them that some of them are already healed from being in such a thick presence of God, and to check themselves out to see if they still have pain or injury.  At least 30-40 people, or about 80% of the people said they were healed at least 80%-100%!!! Tremendous as my friend David says.  After Bill dismissed the meeting he told anyone that still hadn't been healed to come forward for prayer.  Our team were the people praying for them.  We grabbed our translaters, though some of us didn't have one (God still healed people!), and started praying one by one for a crowd of about 60 people at least.  I personally prayed for a bunch of people and almost everyone with the exception of one, my translator, got healed!  One man's throat was constricted and was limiting his breathing and he also had some kind of skin disease or sores on his arms that the doctors couldn't identify.  I prayed for him and he said that his arms felt like they had fire going through them, I told him that was good!  I then prayed for his throat for about 2 minutes.  Afterwards he said that it had opened up completely, God completely healed him!  C'mon!!!!!  Jessica prayed for whole bunch of people and one lady who couldn't bend her finger because of an accident was able to bend it all the way after God healed her.  She prayed for a lot of backs that got healed.  This list goes on!  and on!  I have never seen so many people that we prayed for get healed so quickly.  My translator was about 80% blind from birth.  We prayed for her a few times and didn't see any change.  That was tough after she and I prayed for so many people that got healed so easily and quickly.  But she said she would come back tomorrow to help out and would get prayer again.  God heals, period.  We don't know why she didn't get healed but we are not going to stop delaring that the kingdom of heaven is near and is powerful to bring freedom from desease!!!!!! 

This afternoon I got to pray for another one of our translators.  He had fibermialgia (sp?) and lot's of pain in his shoulder and back, and all over.  As my buddy started praying for him, I heard God tell me, "If he drinks, he'll get healed".  Clarification right here, when God said "drink" He meant, if the guy would...well I guess I can't explain in after all, basically I taught the guy how to drink the "Living Water" from heaven by faith (in the spirit) and get filled with joy.  So, a little afraid of telling him that he would be healed so easily, I told him what God said and quickly taught him how to "drink" the living water (some people prefer to call it wine, whatever get's you "drunk").  God showed me that if he did "drink" that he would fall on the ground under the Spirit and receive joy.  I was pretty sure this was from God but there was still some dought in my mind.  So the guy drank and drank, then he started laughing real hard, he tipped back and fell (I was there to catch him, this "falling" happens often at these meetings where the Holy Spirit is allowed to have His way and heal people's hearts and bodies).  As he was on the floor God told me to ask him if he had ever prayed in tongues.  He hadn't but said he wanted to receive the gift.  He was sloshed in the spirit and barely coherent.  I told him how to receive the gift of tongues and right away it came flowing out of his mouth, he was just so full of the Holy Spirit that is was easy.  Well....after he got up, we asked him how the pain in his body was and he started checking himself out, he said ALL THE PAIN HAD LEFT!!   God totally healed him!!!  Did you hear that!!!!!  What?!! 
This is real, not a fake, I am a man of integrity and would not lie or make this up.  It may have looked weird to some, but the results speak for themselves.   There may be some people reading this email that have pain in their body, weather you believe in God or not, if you believe Jesus can heal you, or maybe you would LIKE to believe, place your hand where the pain is and God is going to heal it.  Put your hand there..........Jesus, would you heal your sons and daughters, we thank you for the healing your pouring out over the computer and into their homes or wherever they are.  Amen!  Right now start trying out the places on your body that hurt or do something you couldn't do before.  I believe I will receive emails from some of you that you got healed.  Email me what happened!!!  Some of you don't have pain but you know you need healing, you might have felt heat or tingling in places where God was healing you.  Get it checked out by a doctor or whatever you have to do to verify.  Let me know though, it would bless me to hear the testimonies of my friends and family getting blessed like that.  If you do get healed thank Jesus, not me.  I'm not the healer. 

Bless you guys.  Tomorrow we are doing the second night at this church, and also doing a afternoon "Crusade" in a poor area of town in the local plaza.  I expect and know that many people will be healed and saved and delivered.  Please partner with me in prayer!  Thank you all for encouraging me and Jessica in this trip.  She sends her love and hellos.   We love you all dearly.  We come back Friday, tomorrow is our last day. 

Jesse and Jessica

Brazil Trip - May 2009 (part 2 of 3)

 Part 2 of our Brazil trip in May 2009. 

Hello Friends! 
man, I have to tell you all, this has been one wild trip.  Tiring but wild!  I dont have time right now for all the stories, there are so many.  Oh and this keyboard is a Brazilian keyboard so things may look a little different.  oh my goodness, God is so good and so in to doing amazing things to and through His children.  Jessica and I have been well, God is keeping us full and when we are not, it is because He is teaching us something, usually about how to get and stay full, full of joy that is.  Our hearts are getting more knitted together than ever, and we are both seeing tremendous miracles down here.  Here are some of the testimonies that we have seen over the past couple of days.  I promise to give you more details and info when I have time and access to a friends laptop.

We went to a Brazilian hospital yesterday.  I was paired up with one other guy and a translater and a nurse that was showing us around. The nurse and the translator both knew Jesus.  Well, God so blew me away.  This part of the trip I will have to go into more detail later.  our group alone had eight people get healed.  One guy accepted Jesus after he got healed, we baptised him right there with a waterbottle.  One woman had so much pain in her stomach that she was calling out for the nurses to help her.  A nurse came and got us and told us to pray for her first while  they got the morphine drip.  We prayed and ALL THE PAIN LEFT she was so happy, her and her little daughter, when the 2 nurses came in to give her the morphine via her IV, she refused it saying that Jesus had healed her and didnt need it anymore.  SERIOUSLY!  The nurses didnt know what to think! (frankly neither did I, I was so blown away by this womans faith, she believed in Jesus too!)  All pain leaving was the norm when we prayed that day, so many miracles in the hospital. The nurse, who we had praying right along side us because she had Jesus in her heart too, said she had never seen Jesus heal someone before and just couldn´t believe her eyes, she was so happy and ended up coming to the church meeting we had later that night.  Jess also got to go into the pediatrics ward of the hospital and many of the kids that she prayed for felt heat or peace or some kind of physical manifestation of the presence of God.  They also prayed for some of the mothers also and had them all in tears over the love of Jesus.  so so good!  She was one of three people that got to go into the Emergency Room, and no immediate results except that they released the power of Jesus into the crowded halls.  There was a lot of peace and love in the ER when they left!!! 

Later that night we held the second of two meetings at a big church.  The first night many people had gotten healed but there were still a few seats available there.  Well, the second night, there weren´t any seats left and people had packed the aisles and there were people sitting OUTSIDE looking in through the doors and windows, I think about 1000+ people were there that night.  So many healings and moves of the Holy Spirit took place.  One woman I actually saw was getting so touched by the Holy Spirit that she was hissing and caughing (this was not a good thing).  Ten minutes later while she was getting prayed for she said she had a lump or tumor in her throat that was causing her to choke.  The guy praying for her heard God tell him, NO SHES DOESN´T! and as he repeated what God said, she actually caughed up the tumor or lump right there on stage where we had layed her while the rest of the church was worshipping.  I saw the woman afterwards and she eventually accepted Christ when we told her that if she didn´t accept Jesus into her life, the growth might come back, we don´t know.  My friend didn´t force her, just told her the truth that Jesus got rid of the tumor but that the witch-craft or whatever caused the tumor might come back.  she accepted Jesus and her whole countenace changed right there!  She was so joyful and hugged all her friends with a huge smile on her face.  INCREDIBLE.

well, I want to tell you all so much more, but don~t have the time.  we are getting ready to leave in a few minutes to our third church of the trip.  God will move powerfully again I know.  All we do is show up, tell them about the power of Jesus to heal, deliver and save.  We teach or show them how to move in the ministry of the Holy Spirit (love), and then the Holy Spirit shows up and changes hearts and minds, bringing joy and usually a lot of love and tears in all those that want to know God more.  ok I really have to go. I love you all and keep praying for protection and more closeness with our Father in heaven. He is so good and we are being blown away with how amazing and loving and powerful the name of Jesus is. 

Bless you all!

Jesse and Jessica

Old story: Brazil - May 2009 (part 1 of 3)


Some of you may know that we went to Fortaleza, Brazil in May of 2009.  It was 9 wild days of God stories.  I thought some of you might not have had a chance to read them.  Here is the first of 3 emails.  Blessings! 

Hello everyone!  Family and friends!

As many should know, Jessica and I went to Fortuleza, Brazil on the 7th a couple of days ago.  We got in to the country without any problems and all luggage accounted for!  Yeah! Miracle number one!   We have been ministering to the local churches down here in the mornings and in the evenings.  We have both been really stretched in our giftings and our relationship with God.  We have stayed quite joyful though and we can't help it!  God has already done so many amazing things around us and through us.  We are making great friends with our translators who are lifesavers.  It is hard to give a prophetic word to someone without speaking their language. 

I wish I could be more detailed but I only have a short time on this computer.  I promise to find more time for Jess and I to tell of all the wonderous things we have encountered.  There are many miracles happening around us as well as many hearts are getting touched.  The captives are truly being released from the enemies hands.  So much freedom and joy is being released here.

Bless you all!  We are doing well and tomorrow we go to a school/orphanage to bless the kids and others.  The power of God is real and has been evident everywhere we go!  Thanks for your prayers, keep them up!  They are effective and powerful!

Real quick testimony: 

Tonight a girl came up to me and asked for prayer, then she asked if I would pray for her boyfriend who did not know God.  After talking to the boy, about 16 yrs old, he said that he was blown away at all the great things and healings that God was doing.  I told him more about who Jesus is and he wanted very much to have Jesus be a part of his life.  So we all prayed together.  He accepted Jesus as his savior and friend and we prayed more over him and released the Joy of the Lord over him. Afterwards I asked how he felt..."I feel so so good, wonderful!"   Praise God! 

Also Jessica had a prophetic word of knowledge for stomach pain, and a girl came up with severe stomach acid problems and severe pain in her stomach.  After a short prayer the presence of God fell on her powerfully and she was healed 100% from all pain!!!!!  She left while hugging Jessica with a big smile on her face.  (there must have been at least 40-50 healings over the past couple nights!)

We love you all!

Jesse and Jessica Skinner

Friday, December 18, 2009

You can say you were there...in the beginning!

The beginning of the best darn blog in the world
(or "The Blogginest blog you have ever blogged your blog on.")

Hello family and friends!
Jessica and I have really wanted to start a blog lately.  People have asked for updates on what we are doing and I am no good at sending emails out all the time to so many different people.  The result is that I don't send any emails out!  Ha!  So, we are going to try our hand at the latest and greatest communication trend, BLOGGING.  Woohoo! 

If you are new to this sort of thing, there are a couple different ways to keep up on our blogging experiment.  The most "non-tech" or low tech way is to give us your email and we will add you to the email list when we update it.  Or, if you are a little more savvy, you can click on the "follow me" link and navigate your way into cyber bliss.  There are other ways like RSS feeds and the like, but you will have to figure out how to use that stuff.  I am still learning.  I can asnwer questions though if you have them.

Also feel free to leave comments.  This is a great way to say hi to us, especially if we haven't had a chance to connect with you in awhile!  Jessica and I will take turns leaving messages, which will at times take the form of what we are learning or just captions of our adventures.

Okay...let the Blogging BEGIN!  (I think I just like saying the word Blogging)

 With lot's of Love and Abundance, 
Jesse and Jessica

*(Extra feature)
What album we just downloaded (from iTunes):  
Kristene Mueller "Those who dream".  
A great album from a young woman who has spent hours in the prayer room and countless days and nights on the streets of San Francisco loving and praying for God's children.  Her music is light,  and musically reminds me of Norah Jones' jazzy style at times.  Lot's of acoustic guitar and piano with a moving rhythm.  Her voice is so beautiful I could listen to this album for hours.  Her music fills me with peace and reminds me of God's fullness in love.  You will be blessed!