Thursday, January 20, 2011


Extravagant Giving
Hey all you amazing people out there! 
So what to write about?  So much good stuff going on in Jessica's and my life.  For starters, we received at total of $2000 from friends and family who wanted to sow into our trip to Guatemala in March.  This meant so much to us!  Jessica and I really wanted to feel "sent" by our friends and family as we went to Guatemala in March.  We would have been excited and blessed if a few people gave us $20, showing us they believe in what we are doing, but instead we got $2000 in as little as 7 days of sending out a brief letter explaining our trip and needs.  We were overwhelmed to say the least!  A few of you sent in money anonymously and so we need to thank you for that too!  Our trip is completely paid off, what a relief and blessing. 

For some of you that don't know the details of our trip here is a little more information:  We are going to Guatemala in March for about 9 days.  Times and places are still being worked out but we are doing a lot of "work" while there.  We will be going to two different hospitals to heal the sick and clear out whole floors.  I have seen dozens of people get healed while at a hospital in Brazil two years ago and we are expecting many more miracles than that!  We will be speaking and teaching at a bunch of different churches.  On one Sunday morning the team will break into groups of three and visit different churches so we are promised to have lot's of opportunities to lead services and meetings.  We will also be doing plenty of market and street evangelism and healing.  One of the main things the churches there have told us they wanted is to be equipped to do miracles and encounter God themselves.  Every opportunity we get we will have the locals doing all the praying and prophesying.  I just heard a testimony FIRST HAND of some people in Brazil recently that prayed for some people to be raised from being dead (they were dead for three days) and 16 people got up and lived!!!!  I will share more in my next update (complete with the local news article).   Needless to say our faith level to see MORE amazing things has increased!

Jessica and I are doing great.  I will harass Jess to send out a personal blog so you can hear from her directly.  I (Jesse) have  been doing great!  For Christmas I received a voucher for a guided fishing trip down the Sacramento River with a friend.  We went a couple weeks ago and had such a wild time!  You can see one of the fish I caught, we hooked up on at least 20 fish between the two of us I caught at least 6 or 7.  We weren't able to keep any because of the Fly Shop's rules for guided trips.  I have been fishing a lot lately, at least once a week.  It is such a great way to have a little adventure out here.  I am not great at catching fish on my own yet but I will be! 

Thanks for all your love and encouragement!



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